Who We Are

Aerohub Aviation Solution specializes in IFE solutions for the aviation industry. We serve global hubs of the aviation industry with offices in the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, UAE, and Bahrain. We provide airlines with an all-in-one server and a highly integrated, portable IFE solution as a cost-effective alternative to seatback IFE systems.
Aerohub is capable of streaming media across audio, video-on-demand, games, digital magazines, and much more to deliver maximum enjoyment at the passengers’ own devices. It is the safest and reliable IFE solution available to airlines.

Why Aerohub?

Invest in Technology

Aerohub continuously invest in latest technology and remain focused on improving the onboard digital experience of passenger and crew

Driven By Innovation

Aerohub never stops innovating and looking for new ways to enhance passenger experience. Our team continuously ideate, build and test new ideas

Security & Reliability

Aerohub gives data security and information privacy the utmost importance. From onboard procedures, battery technology, media management to data protection, security and reliability are at the heart of it all

Rapid Deployment

Aerohub understands the need for quick and easy to deploy solutions and hence ensures fully functional, fleet-wide IFE implementation within a matter of weeks